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8 Tips How to Clean Your House Fast and Easy

How do you feel when you walk into a clean room, or through a clean house? Don’t you feel great, liberated, organized, a higher sense of energy? Like inviting over some company, or relaxed enough to read that book you’ve been putting off.

Having a clean dwelling has its definite psychological benefits, and it also has its physical health benefits. But the cleaning task needs effort and time.  Although, you can make it easier by using a HEPA backpack vacuum cleaner.

Following these cleaning tips, you’ll have your once messy house feeling like pristine home in less than half the time.

  1. Stick to One Room at a Time:

Focus on just one room at a time; don’t wake throughout the house picking up things, resist the urge of jumping from one room to the other, instead put your efforts on one room at a time only and apply the following tips to each room but each room on its own time.

This has two benefits; one, higher efficiency and less leg work as you’ll be confined to one room until it’s done, and you’ll gain a powerful sense of accomplishment and the great feeling of satisfaction knowing this room is clean.

The feeling of accomplishment is addicting, and once you get it from completing one room, you’ll attack the others like a heroin junky getting his next fix.

  1. Clean Up The Bigger Stuff First:

Start with the big clutter; the kids scattered toys most (especially that painful lego pieces that you’re bound to step on), the board games, magazines, the migrating balled up socks, the jackets thrown over the chair.

Go around the room and pick up everything that does not belong in this room and clean it with a backpack Hepa vacuum cleaner. Move the accumulated dirt and dust into one bin, box, or pile. This stuff will be distributed to their places after you’re done with the room. Resist the urge to put them away immediately, just pile them up. Now move this pile or bin just outside the room; you’ll deal with it later.

  1. Declutter As Much As Possible:

This means taking all your stuff and sorting through it. Get rid of the things that you really don’t need at all. These are just extras that you don’t need to be holding onto which are taking up space. With less stuff around the house, it’s much easier to take care of everything like you need to.

  1. Work With The Law of Gravity:

Also known as the top-down approach, you move through the room getting rid of higher messes first and finish off with the floor. Gravity is your friend, so work with it. Remove the cobwebs, dust the top shelf, and then the one under it and so on. Wipe off the table, and let it all collect on the floor.

Finally, clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner. If you do not have one, then you should invest in the latest vacuum cleaner in the market. Make sure to check HEPA backpack vacuum cleaner reviews and then purchase the best.

  1. Finish With The Floor:

At the very end of your room cleaning venture, it’s time to clean the floor/ vacuum the carpet. Do this in a systematic way. If you’re vacuuming, do the larger area first moving in straight lines as the carpet will pick up your vacuuming pattern. Then attach your hose corner piece and go around the room sucking out the corner areas.

If sweeping the floor, cut into the corners first and bring the dust and derbies into the center area. So work outward to inward of the room where you can pick up the dirt a dustpan. Done, and in half the time, it would take a hyperactive scattered approach. Take a breather, make a snack, and take a moment to admire your accomplishment. Now go kill the next room with your cleaning skills.

  1. Gather Your Cleaning Supplies:

Put the big stuff out of the way, go and gather up your cleaning supplies for the next phase. Depending on the room this could be window cleaner, antibacterial spray, wood furniture protector, damp cloth, duster or perfect HEPA backpack vacuum, etc.

The point is to have all that you need to do the finer cleaning into the room so you won’t need to leave it to get another piece of cleaning supply. I recommend placing all cleaning supplies in a bucket that you can carry around with ease; it’s accessible and will contain any liquid cleaning supply spillage.

  1. Constant Organize Your Home:

Try to organize your home a bit better than it currently is. If you have an organizational system that makes sense and is followed, there won’t be as much time dedicated to keeping everything clean. If you are constantly doing this, there is very little chance that you have that you will have to do any major cleaning. This doesn’t take much time at all.

  1. Clean-Up While Watching TV:

Attempt to clean up your rooms while you are doing other things. Clean up while you are watching television, talking on the phone, listening to the radio, or other things. Just do a little cleaning while doing these activities which will help you save time.

Try to do a little bit each day as opposed to waiting until it’s a larger project. This means that you won’t have to have much-dedicated cleaning time at all.

Home cleaning can take up quite a bit of time. With the help of the above-mentioned tips, you can do that will help you get your home cleaned up much more quickly.

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