8 Things You Should Know While Finding Best IAS Coaching Institutes

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Those who are aspiring to become an IAS Officer, know the importance of choosing the right institute for clearing this tough exam. With hundreds of options available, it is a big challenge to find the institute that provides best coaching in Delhi.Things you should know while finding best IAS Coaching institutes are listed below:

Shortlist the institutes based on their past success rate

Success is always visible – through word of mouth, online reviews and ratings of the students and newspapers (names of the successful candidates is often printed in the newspaper). Find out if any of the students coached in the institution have been able to clear the IAS exam successfully. Don’t go by the names that appears at the top of list of your search engine. Start your research sometime before you need to start your preparation, so that you don’t take your decision haphazardly.

Visit the institute personally 

Visiting the institute personally will give you an opportunity to get the help from the counselor at the center. Moreover, you can also interact directly with the faculty. Talking to the faculty at the institute will be helpful in understanding his knowledge and expertise level. Because, once you take the admission, you wouldn’t get the chance and time to change it. You can also find out if the faculty is willing to help you in after hours of the coaching, if you ever need it.

Know the fee structure: UPSC coaching fees

is quite at higher side (it ranges between 1-2 lac for 9 months to 1 year for coaching). But that does not mean higher the UPSC coaching fees, better will be the education, so go for the one that educates you the best not the one which charges higher fee. Many of the reputed institutes also offer scholarship programs for the UPSC and IAS aspirants. Again, this should also not be the criteria to find top IAS Coaching in Delhi. Give consideration to the quality.

Institute’s Attitude towards Coaching

IAS exam needs your undivided commitment towards achieving your goal of becoming an IAS officer. Institute offering Top IAS Coaching in Delhi should be your companion on your path to your success. They should be able to polish your skills with the help of regular mock tests, open discussions, etc. so that students can bring forward their issues, be result oriented, and most importantly, gain the confidence to clear the exam.

Measures Taken by the institute for Individual Interest

Not every student has same aptitude level. They all have different needs in their preparations for the UPSC exam. Find out if the coaching center provides special one-to-one sessions (if required), so that the students can put forth their difficulties and the teachers can address them. Only the Top IAS Coaching in Delhi make such provisions for their students. Also find out if the institute also have a provision to help students with their doubts and queries after the course is over. Because many questions arise, when you start doing self-studies after the course is over.

Does the Institute offers Demo Class?Only the best and well-established institutes allow you to take demo classes. A demo class can give you the clear idea of how systematic is the approach followed by the institute. You can also try to talk to the students who already studied there, they are the best people to give you genuine feedback.

Support after the completion of course

Course usually finishes with 9 months to 1 year, but your self-preparation continues till the day of exam. You may get stuck with some of your queries, where you need the support of your mentor. Before you get yourself enrolled in the coaching institute, find out if the institute can give extra class and allows you to get help from the teachers even after the course is completed.

Check if the coaching centre offers online Classes or support

If you not the local of the city and have come from some other city to get Top IAS Coaching in Delhi; it might not be easy for you to come again and again to attend the doubt session. If the institute is offering online support (virtual classroom), it will save your time and energy for travelling. When you are preparing for such a critical exam, you can’t afford to waste your precious time. In fact many students choose online coaching simply because they want to spend more of their time on studying rather than commuting. When you are paying good sum for UPSC coaching fees, you ought to get value for money.

In a famous book “7 habits of Highly Effective people”, the author Steven Covey talks about “Sharping the Saw”, that means before you hit your target, it’s better to sharp your saw. So, before you start your preparation for IAS, you must sharpen your saw (by finding the right coaching and resources) to clear the exam.

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