The 6 Most Beautiful Lakes in The World

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Lakes showcase some of the water’s most alluring qualities, from mesmerizing ripples and mirror-like reflections to crystalline clarity. Many believe that there are more than 117 million lakes on our planet. Apart from their importance in the daily life of humans lakes are home to plenty of aquatic plants and animals. These beautiful lakes spread across the world from the United States to Russia. Here is our pick for the 6 most beautiful lakes in the world.

1. Peyto Lake, Canada:

Peyto Lake, Canada

Peyto Lake is a glacier-fed lake positioned in Banff National Park. During the summer, large amounts of glacial rock flour flow into the lake, giving the lake a creamy, blue color.

Lake is a popular stop for visitors traveling along the famed Icefields Parkway.

2. Lake Titicaca:

Lake Titicaca

The highest commercially off-soundings lagoon in the world is situated on the border of Peru and Bolivia at 3,811 meters. It is widely known for its artificial floating islands constructed and inhabited by the Uros people. 

At 22,400 square miles, it is larger than the entire island of Puerto Rico and emphasizes plenty of islands, some by Inca ruins, additionally the water level that rises and falls an aggregate of five measures depending on the spring. Plan a day-trip by boat to Taquile Island and climb the 553 stone steps up to the ruins for a lovely adventure.

3. Crater Lake:

Crater Lake

The deepest lake in the U.S. (1,943 feet, 592 meters) was formed more than 7,000 years ago when a volcano collapsed following a violent eruption. Fed by a constant supply of rain and snow, its pristine blue waters are best viewed from the top of the Cascade Mountain Range.

Its high intense blue-colored crystal clear water with rough mountain landscape makes the view astounding. Island in the middle of the lake attracts the eyes. Lake is circular in shape with a mountain belt on the shores. The central island stood up like a king of the kingdom.

4. Lake Como:

Lake Como

This inverted  Y-shaped stunning lake is the most beautiful lake in the world due to the coz. With a height and width of 46 kilometers (28.5 miles) and 4.5 kilometers (2.8 miles), the lake covers a vast area of 146 square kilometers (56 square miles). This makes it the 3rd largest lake in Italy. 

People in Rome used to swim in COMO enjoying the beauty of nature. The color of a lake is blue and it’s peaceful and eye-catching environment around the lake will make your visit a lifetime experience.

5. Lake Baikal:

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is located in Siberia, Russia is one of the existing oldest freshwater lakes in the world. It originated almost 20 to 25 million years ago. It holds one-fifth of total freshwater in the world. With the depth of 1,632 meters, it is considered as the world’s deepest freshwater lake too. Famous for its crystal clear water, the surface up to 40 meters is visible.

Surround with various peaks of mountains, it is home to more than 1800 unique species of plants and animals. The main attraction is the freshwater seal majorly found in the lake. According to a study, it is home to many endemic species of animals, plants, and birds.

Acknowledging the rick biodiversity UNESCO recognized Baikal as a world heritage site in 1996. Lake Baikal is also enclosed by cliffs, boreal forests, and Islands.

6. West Lake, China:

West Lake, China

West Lake is located in South-West of Hangzhou, China is world-famous for its amazing scenery. The lake is the center attraction of tourists in China. It has become the world-famous sightseer stop and is known as the “paradise on earth” for its unreal colors.

3.1 meter deep and 216 meters high this lake covers a fine area over the valley covered with green forest and rough and high peaks of mountains. The intense deep blue color of the lake makes the moment unbelievable.

The place is magnified during springs as the trees and colorful flower starts blooms. This paradise is worth watching at least once in life. And hence this was the last but the least on our list of most beautiful lakes in the world.


Lake is a favorite spot to visit and spend hours to relax. All over the world, there are some of the most beautiful lakes whose views can change the definition of beautiful. Some of the names are listed above, it’s worthy to visit on these lakes at once in your life. 

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