6 don’ts of Caring for your Child’s Teeth

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If your kid is having low grade and misses school just because of the chronic disease. Majority of the chronic pains happen because of your child’s tooth decay. It’s a serious problem and needed to be addressed at once. Approx 40% of children today are suffering from tooth decay. The decay leads to pain and infection which causes severe problems in their life at such a tender age. Taking your kids to London Dental Clinic will ensure he is free with every kind of damages possible in teeth.

With simple healthy steps, you can prevent this decay and save your child’s life. This post contains all those things that your child must not indulge with. These “don’t” list will help you in eliminating all the bad habits out. Let’s not waste time and dive into which points you have to do away with:

  • Don’t forget fluoride

Fluoride is a powerful substance in eradicating tooth decay. But be sure that you are not using too much fluoride. Excessive usage can lead to fluorosis which would harm your tooth more than it does good. The moment your child starts to have teeth, you can give him fluoride toothpaste. Just use a tiny bit and that would do its work. If your child is 3, use a pea sized amount.

  • Don’t forget to brush

It’s been a hectic day for parents to prepare their kids to school and then getting them back. Doing all the household work and bringing your kids to home. By the time your kids spend some time with you, you are so exhausted that taking them straight to the bed becomes your only goal. Take some time out and teach them regarding the importance of brushing. Teach them that brushing after every meal is mandatory if they want their teeth to stay with them for the rest of their life. Your kid learns from you. If you maintain a habit of brushing your teeth after every meal, they would love to inculcate this in their life.

  • Have a look at how they are brushing

Your kids don’t like staying in discipline. You can teach them about the hardcore rules but they prefer to do only those things that will excite them more. Brushing for every kid is just a regular boring job. You can make it interesting by giving them those things that might interest them and they would love to follow the hardcore rules of brushing. This hardcore rule must include brushing every tooth properly. If they get this  thing at their early age, they would take this thing as their necessary task. If your kid is smaller than 6, you need to stand by him and watch how he is brushing his teeth. Kids at such a young age love to skip things that doesn’t give them enough enjoyment. At such an age, it’s better if you take the entire responsibility of brushing them.

  • Don’t reward them with sweets

Having sugar too much will ultimately destroy their teeth. If you are happy with your kids, prefer giving them something that’s healthy and which they would love to eat. Sugary sweets and candies will stick to their teeth and will start to develop plaque which is the leading cause for tooth damage. Don’t restrict them by not having it at all, you must teach them to restrict or limit the usage. If they are allowed to have sweets, you must keep a condition to brush immediately after they are done with the sugary things.

  • Don’t give them bottle filled with milk or juice

A lot of parents love to give their kids a bottle filled with juice and milk in the hope that their kids would never go thirsty as they have the bottle with them. This habit is itself very bad. If your kid is seeping through the bottle, he is having a constant touch with the sugary drink. There is no product with 100% juice or no sugar added brands. They all contain sugar in some or the other form. These sugars are hard to see but it’s definitely there! Over time, these products will damage your teeth and rot it to an extreme level.

  • Don’t forget your dentist’ appointment

No matter how hard you are trying to keep the damaged situation out of your child’s teeth, there might be times when your child is infected with the bacteria. It is always a good decision to take your child for a regular dental checkup. You must teach your child how important it is to visit a dentist after 6 months. These regular visits would ensure that you are building up a good relationship with your child and that of your child’s teeth. To secure the teeth of your child and his overall health, you must find someone who is an expert in handling kids of all types. Before taking your kids to a dental clinic, make sure you are visiting the best dentist in London.

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