6 Different Uses of Perforated Paper

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Perforated paper is a very cost-efficient invention and improvement of the standard A4 copy paper. It has perforations across the sheet while the standard A4 copy paper doesn’t. With the ability to separate the paper in sections, you can save money time and energy in printing business forms and another type of documents that need to be in several copies. It is printed the same way as a standard copy paper and has lots of different uses. Here are the most notable ones.

Business Forms

Every company that sells goods, especially eCommerce shops and need perforated paper to send out the products people have purchased. The delivery man can separate the two signed sections and hand one to the buyer to sign and keep the other one (also signed by the buyer) for record-keeping in the company. Besides being used as delivery dockets, the perforated forms can also be used as other types of business forms including invoices, receipts, statements, pay advice slips, remittance advice etc.


The perforated card stock can be used for designing and printing tickets. You will be able to make and print creative designs of tickets by using perforated paper. The fact that it is inexpensive opens a sea of possibilities to experiment and create the best design for your event. The perforated card stock is an excellent solution for raffles, gift cards and any kind of tickets. Every section of the sheet is a ticket and can be printed in both laser and inkjet printers. The best part is that you can decide on the size of the perforated section – the producers of perforated paper can custom make it for you.


tickets made from perforated paper

If you want to create a personalised postcard and send it to your family and friends, what is a better way than to use perforated paper? You will be able to design it yourself and pay less money for it than having a professional do it for you in a photo studio. You just need quality perforated paper and some computer skills for designing. Apart from creating postcards with the perforated paper, you can create invitations, survey cards and mailers. You can even choose the colour you want and laminate it afterwards, or choose a glossy or matte finish.


Creating and printing certificates has never been easier. You can use perforated paper in different colours or weights to make the certificate that will represent your brand. As the perforated paper can be printed in both inkjet or laser printers, you can design it yourself in the comfort of your office or home.


Do you want to announce something to the world? Use perforated paper to create your poster, flyer or any other announcement with perforated sections to write the contact details on. You can choose the dimensions and all the different specifications and print out a design done by you. Make sure that the paper is quality, though, and the perforations can be torn away easily because you don’t want the rest of the poster to be destroyed.


Another interesting use of the perforated paper is to create bookmarks for books or magazines. You can use the striped sections of the sheet to design the bookmarks, strips, slips and ribbons in different colours. These can be used even in the office to organise the piles of documents neatly.

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