5 Essential Things to Prepare for Bringing Before Going to the Gym

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Exercising and working out are some of the vital ways to maintain good health and fitness. There are many ways you can do them. Dance exercises like zumba classes and belly dancing sessions exist; you can also have solo video-guided exercises at home. There are fun runs, hiking events and cycling events which work well for you to get sweaty and interactive with other people as well. 

There are several ways indeed, but if you want the typical workout style, if you prefer to be helped by a fitness coach and if you want certain workout routines and methods with the use of exercise equipment, then gym workout must be your choice! 

Gym workout is not a joke, but it’s fun! You have to know responsibility and discipline not just within the gym but especially when you’re out of it. If you’re heading to the gym, make sure to prepare for bringing these essential stuff before leaving your place!



Sweat is inevitable in the gym. If you see someone who is not sweating after doing intense workouts, that’d be weird. It’s unlikeable to just leave the place with a wet and sticky look. Although you may feel refreshed and blooming after your exercise, still, it’s best to have your own towel with you.

If the gym has a shower room, bring a body towel, especially if you prefer bathing yourself there. That’s helpful if you’re not yet heading home after your workout. Particularly, you need a face towel or a medium-sized towel for your sweaty body. You’d need that to dry yourself up. Also, if you’re washing your face with soap and water, you should wipe it well with a towel right after.

There might be some towels for rent in the gym, but having your personal towel is the best because you keep yourself hygienic as well. Sharing a personal item, especially in health-related places like the gym, is a bit risky since you would not know who used it before; that’s regardless if the towel for rent has been washed. Still, it is a must that you have your own towel. Moreover, you can choose the towel quality that is soft and absorbent.



Bring an extra shirt to the gym. Don’t expect that you will be finishing a workout with dry exercise clothes. You will be perspiring and icky! You don’t want to ride public transportation looking all soaked in sweat. Some people might be sensitive to smell that they can sniff in even the slightest body odor you would have, that’s probably unavoidable after an extreme workout!



Drinking water is necessary for you to regain the liquids you lose from sweating a lot. If you don’t drink water, you will get dehydrated, especially after a literally breathtaking exercise. That’s why water is very much important. 

Be mindful however that you take a rest first for a little while after your workout before drinking water. Especially if you are catching your breath, take a bit of time to calm down and complete cool down first.

Bringing your personal water jug is helpful so you would not need to borrow someone else’s; that could be unsanitary. There’s no need for you to buy bottles of water; in that way, you save money. Finally, if the gym has a water dispenser, everyone who doesn’t have a water jug with make use of that. The outcome is that water is immediately consumed. If you have your personal jug, you would not need to worry about competing with everybody just to get water. 



There are gym equipment in the place, and they are generally used by coaches and gym clients. A lot of people use the same instruments because that’s how it is, however, if there are other exercise equipment which would be better if you have for personal use, then bring them.

One of the best examples is an exercise mat or a yoga mat. Since this one involves skin contact, it would be better if you do not share it with other people, especially those whom you do not know. There are skin-conditions which can be communicated between people through mutual contact to the same objects. Bring your own mats because it’s significantly more hygienic that way. 



Before embarking on a serious fitness workout, you need to visit a doctor or the gym’s medical team or fitness expert team to know whether you are allowed to or not. If yes, what levels and degrees are highly recommended? How suitable is your body for a workout that will certainly tire you out? Is your heart fine? What about your lungs? Are your bones perfectly alright for any kind of exercise positions? And so on and so forth.

On the other hand, if you are permitted but with some restrictions, you must clearly know what they are and what you should be careful of. If there are prescribed medications for restricted workouts, never forget to bring them to the gym too. They must be drunk at the right time and in the right amount for efficiency of both its effects and your workout outcomes.  

Gym Essentials

Although some of the ones written above might be too obvious and need no explanation, you won’t lose anything for being reminded. In fact, some people still tend to forget and overlook because they are too excited or in a hurry to head to the gym. 

These are some gym essentials you should not forget preparing and bringing to your workout. Not everything might be like any crucial or expensive item, but without them, you’re gym workout experience is incomplete and might become uncomfortable and ineffective. Always be mindful of your belongings as well, so that you will bring them home nicely, too, just like how you brought them to the gym.

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