4 Surprising Reasons Why your Nofollow Links have SEO Value

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  1. Traffic is traffic – Regardless of link attributes

There are benefits to nofollow links beyond SEO. And direct traffic to your website is very important. The goal of link building is to give opportunities for people to find your website, view it, join with engaged audience, and convert it into sales.

Links will not only lead to more links but also boost your rankings. If the original nofollow links were posted on a higher traffic site, it could be linked to the dofollow link on other sites as well. These links will lead to traffic. Traffic can lead to engagement. Engagement can lead to profit. The greatest potential value of referral traffic coming from nofollow link coming from the right platform. Don’t discount it.

  1. The link juice must flow

Don’t assume that nofollow links aren’t doing anything to create it for you. ‘Link juice’ is the SEO term of value provided by linking one page to another. If you have authoritative sites that link to your site, you can get more link juice.

When the host sited is considered ‘authoritative’, the overall frequency and placement of the nofollow links are factored for the search engines’ overall page ranking calculations. The best way to get a link juice from nofollow is for it not only generates traffic but also links you to other sites.

  1. Try to act natural

Search engines like Google penalize websites that are trying to game the system by creating too many dofollow backlinks. When mixing it with nofollow backlinks, it gives less of an impression that a site is creating backlinks for SEO benefits.

Considering this, use the nofollow value judiciously. This will help Google make sure you don’t have any shenanigans. There is no reason to pay penalties for your pageRank score.

  1. Authority always wins

Metrics, like domain, page authority, Alexa rank and other ways of measuring your website’s potential do not directly impact how Google and other search engines rank your site in their search result pages. But other listing services, directories, and advertisers are highly useful for deciding whether or not to do business with you. When these metrics are calculated, nofollow links are often calculated along with your backlinks.

Therefore, having a lot of nofollow links helps you improve the authority of your website. And helps improve metrics. This, in turn, leads to more traffic and new business opportunities.

When you sell backlinks or host content on your own website, a high Alexa ranking is always a strong selling point. They also help in disqualifying ways. The more people visit your site linked. Visit your pages and find quality content. All they need quality content on a site they trust. They don’t care if the links to your site are nofollow or dofollow.


Nofollow links are certainly far from worthless. There are numerous benefits to getting them. In particular, if they come from top-tier sites, they will generate more links and traffic from your content.

Any link building plan should include nofollow links. They can help you diversify your link portfolio. They drive traffic to the relevant audience and convert them into your customers for your site.


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