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3 Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is a problem for everyone these days. Not only aged people are facing this problem but many youngsters are also a victim of hair loss.

Hair loss could be due to many reasons. With the passage of time or age if you are older and loosing hair then there is very little that you can do. But if you are young and losing hair then you should think about it.

Sometimes hair fall is due to specific conditions such as pregnancy. If it is due to a specific condition like pregnancy, the hair will grow later and your body will resolve this problem on its own.

If you are shedding a small number of hairs daily, don’t get disturbed with it. It is natural and everyone sheds hair daily. It is perfectly normal.

But if your hair loss is persistent and the amount of loss is increasing, you should see your doctor. You can’t diagnose the problem yourself. An expert can diagnose the problem. Because it could be due to many reasons. It could be due to the aging process that is natural. It could be due to thyroid issues, scalp, androgenic alopecia, stress, infections or any other issue.

In this article, you will find some tips to prevent hair loss. By following these tips you can slow down the process of hair fall. In some cases, by following these tips, you can completely stop hair fall.


Your daily diet should contain food items that comes up with nutrients that are good for the health of hairs. For healthy, shiny and long hairs, hairs require some nutrients. Due to the lack of these nutrients, hair weakens their roots and starts falling.

Providing essential nutrients for hair growth can make their roots stronger. Hair will grow long, healthy and shiny.

According to researches,  fresh herbs and raw vegetables can reduce the risk of androgenic alopecia.

Protein is also a healthy nutrient for the hairs. The base product of hair follicles is a protein known as keratin. Lack of amino acids is another reason for hair fall because it is the building block of protein.

According to researches, a protein-rich diet can prevent hair fall. TO consume protein-rich food you should go for eggs, beans, peas, low-fat dairy products, turkey, nuts, fish, and chicken. You can also consume beef bone broth or chicken bone broth as protein-rich food.

Vitamin A can play a vital role in the growth of hairs. It can keep the scalp healthy with sebum production.

For a good amount of vitamin A, you can consume foods such as sweet potatoes, spinach, sweet peppers, and many others. Click here to get moroccanoil hair products


Scientists have determined many vitamins that are good for the health of hairs. These vitamins include Vitamin A, B, C, D selenium, zinc, and iron. You can get these supplements from any drug store but don’t consume them without a doctor’s recommendation.

Vitamin D, biotin, saw palmetto, and ginseng are some other essential for hair growth but again, don’t consume any supplements or multivitamins without consulting your doctor.

Drink Master Cleanseto remove toxins from the body. Toxins in the body can cause stress. Stress can weaken the roots of hairs and increase hair fall.

Hair Care:

Without taking care of your hair, no food or multivitamin can make your hair strong. These are some tips to take care of your hair.

Wash Hairs Regularly:

By washing the hairs daily, you can keep your scalp clean and healthy. Washing hairs daily clean your hairs from dust and all other dangerous particles. Washing hairs daily can prevent hair loss. Using a mild shampoo could be beneficial as well.

Use Oil in Hairs:

Coconut oil and olive oil, both are good for the health of hairs. Massage your head with these oils to keep your hair healthy.

Coconut oil can prevent hair loss, groom hairs, and also prevent dangerous UV rays.

Olive oil prevent hair breakage and protects hairs from dryness.

Style Gently:

Ponytails, tight braids, and rough styles of hairs can damage your hair. It is also one of the main reasons for excessive hair shedding.

Hair processing:

Don’t use sprays, colors, or any other hair items on your hair that can damage your hair. Don’t use dyes that contain ammonia, PPD, or peroxide.

Ask your stylist to use organic hair dyes for your hairstyles.

Final Words:

Maintaining healthy, shiny, and long hairs for men or women is in their own hands. Some factors you can’t control like hair fall due to the aging process. But you can maintain your hair by following the above tips.

Above mentioned tips can slow down the process of shedding to zero. Consume healthy foods, take supplements and most important is to take care of your hair. Without proper care, no food or supplement is going to work.

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