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13 Insightful Tips for New Entrepreneurs and Sole Traders

Entrepreneurs, sole traders, and business owners of all kinds like to focus on how best to grow and scale their organisations. We put together 10 insightful tips for sole traders that are about to launch their new business. This is a valuable list of hard-learned lessons and insights provided by successful entrepreneurs.

Other small business owners have already done what you’re trying to do right now. Now these sole traders know what to do and not to do, based on experience. We’re giving you all this info upfront so you can avoid making some common mistakes and wasting valuable time trying to figure out things.

Tip #1 Get Public Liability Insurance

Buying business insurance is important for all business owners. You may need a certain type of business coverage to secure new clients or new projects. Plus, you may need business insurance, like public liability coverage, to safeguard your corporate financials.

Go ahead and do some comparison shopping on BizCover’s website. Take a few minutes today to get a public liability insurance quote. Besides the free quote, you can also get coverage details sent right to your message inbox. Or, if you prefer, you can also call a BizCover agent to set up your new public liability policy.

Tip #2 Operate According to Your Company’s Values, Goals, Vision

Hold your organization’s mission statement, long-term goals, and corporate value closely when making decisions. You want to decide things based on how it will benefit your operations. Ask yourself: “is this going to move us closer to our goals? Or set us back?”

Tip #3 Appreciate How Far You’ve Come

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations of your business, losing sight of how far you’ve already come. Take note of anniversary dates or any milestones that mark your company’s continued progress. Celebrate your company’s different anniversary dates, like moving into a new office space or exceeding a certain revenue level.

Tip #4 Never Stop Innovating

Keep your business fresh and streamlined by continually investigating new technologies and ideas. Your business should continue to evolve, becoming better and better. You can do that easily if you stay close to new business innovations.

Also, listen to your employees because they can often come up with great ideas as to how you can better improve your company.

Tip #5 Stay mindful

Try not to let your daily pressures and responsibilities keep you from being present and mindful of your employees, customers, and business partners. This can help you avoid becoming burned out from your high-pressure work as a business owner.

Tip #6 Get the Right People

All successful businesses have a wonderful team making it successful every day. For that reason, you should invest in the right people, doing the right jobs. Once you get a good team of workers, be sure to keep them happy so you don’t have to deal with turnover.

Tip #7 Don’t Be Afraid to Delegate

Business owners have a lot on their daily “to do” list. So, don’t forget to delete your projects and tasks to employees. Keeping your workload lighter will make you a more productive sole trader.

Plus, your employees will feel like they matter a great deal by handling special duties you assign.

Tip #8 Investing in Your Employees Will Yield Rewards

Investing in your team members will encourage their continued dedication. Helping your employees grow within their careers will benefit your company too. As your business evolves, your staff will be both able and willing to take on more responsibility as a result.

Tip #9 Connect Professionally with Your Employees

Get to know your team members. Understand their own career goals, as well as the highlights (and struggles) of their current position. Figure out what gets your employee motivated and what holds them back. This way you’ll understand how to more effectively manage each employee.

Tip #10 Automate as Much As You Can

Make more time in the day by automating as many processes as possible. Rely on new software, new tools, new machinery to streamline routine tasks. You can apply the leftover money and resources to new tasks, advancing your business in other ways.

Tip #11 Pay Attention to Your Customers 

You probably worked hard to develop a solid customer base. Now that you have repeat clients, pay attention to their feedback. Input from customers can be so useful in making your business even better. Listen.

Tip #12 Make Your Money Your Business

Sole traders need to have a solid understanding of their company’s expenses, revenue, capital requirements, profits (net and gross), tax rate, cash flow, and debt. The financials of your business are your business.

Tip #13 Accept Mistakes and Move On

All entrepreneurs make mistakes at some point. No one gets it right every time. Veteran CEOs humble themselves and accept that sometimes they won’t do the right thing. Learn from these lessons and apply them to the next decision you must make. Read more interesting news and stories from TheRightNewsNetwork.

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